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Tema Secondary School marks 58th Speech and Prize -giving day.

Tema Secondary School on Saturday November 23, 2019 marked its 58th Speech and Prize-Giving Day on the theme “Sustainable Funding of quality Senior High School Education: The Role of Stakeholders” with old students and some notable figures in the country gracing the occasion.

The event awarded deserving students who excelled in one or multiple subjects over the past academic year. The institution also recorded an overwhelming improvement in mathematics for WASSCE 2019.

Prior to the speech and prize-giving day, hosts of projects were undertaken mostly by old students which included the painting of the boys dormitory and refurbishment of the school’s Social Science Washroom.

On the issue of rising indiscipline within the educational setting, Chaplain of the school,  Rev. Fr. Dennis Opoku, on his part explains that, discipline has become a critical area for exploration and emphasized that maintaining high moral standards is taught, but the call falls on the individual student to be morally upright and study judiciously to merit awards.
“The basic tool or system we use is the approach of moral formation, so it’s not just going to the classroom to talk about subject issue or waiting until chapel service time to talk about the word of God but try to make the teachers teach morals in the midst of the subject areas in which they present their topics and they themselves becoming the practical line for students to be able to know that if you are telling me to be good then I have to be good, you are telling me to be modest then I have to be modest, you are telling me to be discipline, then I have to be disciplined myself, so that is the area in which we using to able combat it” he said.

He added that “as a matter of fact, you cannot really open the brain of the students and say I am taking it out and then put in the correct moral living but to serve as a whip or a catalyst in their hearts and their minds to drop up the nuggets that they need to be able to use. So that is what the challenging element is. You give them the nuggets, you give them the let’s say the titbit, it’s left to the student to be able to apply them because you cannot set an exams for moral life practicals, but the student is supposed to observe and to learn”


Tema Secondary School is a day and boarding school established and commissioned on 22nd September, 1961, by Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. The school is located at Community Five.

The institution thrives on the motto: Nil Nisi Optima, a Latin expression which means “Nothing but the Best” and aims “to be a centre of excellence in the provision of holistic and quality education”


Source: Radio Angelus

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