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Every year and especially in the Season of Lent, the Family & Friends of Mr & Mrs. Ronald Deku undergo the period of lent with a recollection. This is to help their family and friends to embrace the spirit of the season through PRAYER. The couple gathers their family and friends to have a recollection which is always directed by a priest. One of the pillars of the season of lent is to pray as Jesus Christ taught His disciples in Matthew 6:5-8.

This pillar has been observed by the Family and Friends of the couple in the spirit of having recollections for the past years.

Two years ago, their attention has been geared towards not only prayers but ALMSGIVING. For the past two years, the Family & Friends of the couple gave out food, money, and other items as donations to charity.

They solicit donations amongst themselves as well as loved ones in order to give out during the season of Lent.

For this year, the Family & Friends of Mr & Mrs. Ronald Deku visited the Novitiate of Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church at Sokode-Gbogame in the Ho municipality of the Volta region on 9th April 2022. The whole event was marked by the arrival of the Family & Friends from Accra to the Volta Region in the early hours of 10 am.

The Mother Superior of Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church, (SMMC) Sr. Dr. Lucia Hometorwu, SMMC welcomed the group upon their arrival with some Sisters present in the Novitiate. It was a cordial welcome from the charming Mother Superior, beaming with love, smile, and joy upon seeing the group.
After the welcome address from the Mother Superior and some Sisters of the Formation House, Holy Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Michael Selasi Combey, Assistant Priest, St. Michael Co-Cathedral who is also part of the Family & Friends. Rev. Fr. Simon Dagadu who is the chaplain of the Mater Ecclesiae School at Sokode-Gborgame, concelebrated the Mass.
In his reflection, Fr. Michael Selasi Combey encouraged the group to always give even in the midst of criticisms. Dubbing from the First Reading of the day, he admonished them that “Many of the Jews saw the good things that Jesus Christ did and they believed in Him. He then charged the Family & Friends donors to continue their good works for humanity especially as they have come to donate. He said in doing so, we become the co-workers of God and His favours and mercies will always be upon us. No matter how the irritation or suffering we get from giving, like Jesus Christ, we will become unifiers in this Season of Lent.”


After the Eucharistic Celebration, Rev. Fr. Simon Dagadu thanked all for the initiative and the beautiful liturgy celebrated that brought joy to the House. Mrs. Margaret Adzaho-Deku introduced the members of the group and the donations were presented to the Mother Superior who was flanked by some Sisters in the Novitiate. Sr. Dr. Lucia Hometorwu, SMMC could never hide her joy and appreciation for the items. Also, an envelope of an undisclosed amount was handed over to her as part of the donation. According to the Mother Superior Sr Dr Lucia Hometorwu, SMMC “this is the first donation I am receiving as the Mother Superior in this House”. She heartily appreciated the kind and spirit-filled gesture of the group and fervently promised them their prayer support.


Mrs Margaret Adzaho-Deku really appreciated his brothers; Rev. Fr. Gustav Sefadzi Adzaho, Rev. Fr. Franklin Worlanyo Adzaho, and Rev Fr Teresa Cross Codjoe for their moral and spiritual support throughout the years especially in her bid for this donation. She also expressed her appreciation to all those who in diverse ways supported the donation exercise to the Sisters. To those special friends who supported but wanted to remain under anonymity, Mrs. Deku is thanking you all in a special way. To them, she said, “may God richly bless and double their resources.”

The donated items were blessed by Rev. Fr. Simon Dagadu, the group took some photographs with the Sisters. The day was beautifully marked with the spirit of Lent. The group left the Novitiate of the Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church at Sokode-Gbogame some hours after midday.

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