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It is important to recognize that the primary goal of every Christian is to make heaven at the end of our pilgrimage here on earth. It is equally important to draw the attention of readers to the effect that the purpose of this write-up is not to underscore whether or not the narrative about heaven is real. It is a matter of public knowledge that Christians, especially those who are true, and true charismatic have always maintained that heaven is real. In the book of Mathew chapter 28vs20, Jesus told his disciples that he is with them always, even to the end of the world.
Now, when you read the book of Acts 1 vs 9-11, the writer clearly captured the ascension of Christ into heaven as indicated by the two men that appeared to the disciples after Jesus had disappeared. When you read the first scripture, the indication is that Jesus is with us always, even till the end of time, yet the book of Acts as referenced secondly, suggests that Jesus disappeared into the cloud, but the Angelic messengers stated that Jesus ascended into heaven. This conflicting report raises some serious theological issues relative to scriptural exegesis.
There is a widely held notion that when a person transits into the spiritual realm as a mortal, the person comes back with a supernatural identity, and the said identity makes it normal for the person to appear and disappear at will. In fact, after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, he dropped his mortal body in the
grave and assumed an immortal body. That was how he was able to appear before Mary and Magdalene, including his disciples in the upper room. Thomas demanded proof, and Jesus supplied him with all the particulars that showed that he indeed, was the one. The question now is how the angelic messengers knew that Jesus was ascending into heaven when it was clear that Jesus never made such a claim. Remember that immediately after he resurrected and appeared to his disciples subsequently, he said to them that he would always be with them till the end of time.
Somebody may ask, if Jesus is with us till the end of time, where could he be? The simple answer will be that he is in us as born-again Christians. Jesus lives in our hearts, and hence he could not have ascended anywhere close to where the Angelic messengers reported. We will provide details in our next episode as to why we think that Jesus could not have literally ascended into heaven as opined by the two men, what happened we believe is that Jesus disappeared, and those gathered could not figure out exactly where his physical person had gone to, but it is evident that He is with us always even till the end of time.

Now, where is the geographical location of heaven in your opinion? Drop your comments with bible based evidence…..let’s get talking…

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