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A Rainbow in a Cloud


I am lady of 19 years hailing from Afiekuma in the Western Region of Ghana. I got pregnant a year after l had admission to the university.  I didn’t give any thought than to give birth because I didn’t want carry on my head an innocent blood. In my entire nine month journey was full of elation because my guy was playing a role of rainbow in my cloud. What do I mean? He saw to my diet, health, ante- natal care and what it takes for a pregnant woman to withstand the hardships of pregnancy. I successfully gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and it brought much happiness to us. My baby father saw to the growth of our baby girl despite the financial confrontations. In the lens of man, people thought I would regret such a situation I found myself in, but then this is the reality on the ground and I’m expected to face the music. However the whole point of my story centers on my baby father, it got to a time I asked him, would he had done this if he were not to be the father of my baby? Interestingly, his answer triggered this piece and moved me from that time till now. His response was; so far as I’m within the capacity and have the resources to help, why not?  

In the account of creation, when God had finished creating, God asserted that all that he has created is good, this implies man is naturally good, therefore there is no doubt of the necessity for one to be a blessing (Gen. 1:31). This is how the society grooms us to be, a blessing to someone. However the societies of today prevent such people to realize the good in them to people. Genuinely giving gift is reciprocated with obscenities and that the effort of being a blessing to someone is gradually fading out. But remember, you can never run away from your shadow and your conscience will always eat you up.

 Since “an unexamined life is not worth living” as Socrates says in a philosophical point of view. It is high time human beings understood the fact that change is always constant as Heraclitus said. Therefore one may change positively or perhaps negatively; provisional to how you treat him or her which is in contrast to the nature of man, when is bad. You don’t treat others as a scumbag or options and expect a positive response, only one out of thousands will ignore but the rest will dance to the tune of the music. Many wish to be a rainbow in your cloud but you discombobulate them.

Somebody may not look like you, may not call God the same name you call God, if they even call God at all. And may not eat the same dishes prepared the way you do, may not dance your dances, or speak your language or may have a ginger character. My point is, be a blessing to somebody regardless. The crux of this article is to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. How is that even possible? With God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).  We realize that we were put here for a greater purpose than to just serve ourselves. We were put here on earth intrinsically to also be of service to others, as in the role of the baby father in the above story.  Also, to extend nourishment as much as we hoard it. This is because from the philosophical point of view, Plato in his discourse on knowledge and ethics said “one who knows good life or thing will act accordingly and not immoral way”

The abridged of Genesis from the holy book (Gen. 1…) speaks of the life of Adam and Eve. Let’s dwell our attention to the roles played by Eve as the companion to Adam. She lived a life worthy to be rendered the mother of the earth. Sometimes it’s necessary to microscope the evil deeds to fish the good in it. This is because, sometimes we allow evil to persist or prevail for good to come out. Your role in someone’s life should leave an indelible mark. Have you ever considered what it takes for a baby to be on his foot to walk? It takes a pillar, a broken chair and table and most at time the kid who wishes the baby will walk like him, but then we put blind eyes to these. Interestingly all these things become the rainbow in the baby’s cloud. Because the life we live today revolves steps (process) not the step around us. We appreciate the beauty of life when you start acknowledging your immediate environment than anticipating for abstract magic.

The story of Maya Angelou is a perfect substantiation to this piece. During her five years of muteness as a child, one of Maya Angelou’s rainbows was her grandmother. “You are going to be a teacher,” she told Angelou. “sister. You are going to teach all over this world.” Maya thought in her head at the time, “this poor, ignorant woman- doesn’t she know I will never speak? Yet, in her lifetime, Maya Angelou did lecture at leading educational institutions around the world; her grandmother was right. When we have no belief left in ourselves, sometimes we need somebody else to provide that belief. Sometimes we need a rainbow in a cloud of our own. Rainbows don’t replace clouds; they simply shine through a fraction of them.                        


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