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maiden Skills Development Seminar

Maiden Skills Development Seminar

The maiden Skills Development Seminar reminds us that ensuring quality skills development opportunities for youth should remain a top policy priority. The world is changing at a rapid pace, competition in business is growing day by day and technology is advancing robustly. Remaining relevant has become a battle for businesses and organizations. This means that the youth of today need to be prepared in order to sail along successfully. The only way that this can be achieved is through consistent skills development in our youth stage. As AADCYC we believe adding to the knowledge and entrepreneurial skills of youth in the Archdiocese to improve their career choices and enable them to gain meaningful employment should be our significance.
Skills development is not only important to organizations, but it is vital to the church and cannot be overemphasized as it ensures a more skilled, empowered and motivated youth. It is more in demand now than ever before. This carefully designed program presents a key opportunity in expanding the knowledge base and skills set of youth within the Archdiocese. This allows for youth to have a thorough understanding and development in specialized skills to be fully prepared so as to be more effective in performing their day-to-day duties. It is also imperative to take into consideration that Skills development need to be consistent. This well-tailored Formative Program would be undertaken quarterly by the Accra Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Council at the Catholic Youth Formation Centre as way to empower the youth to adapt to a Skill. Among these skills includes Graphic Designing, Theatre Arts, Musical Art, Sound Management, Computer and Internet Appreciation etc.

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