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Accra Omega Lions Club to construct a modern kitchen for the cured lepers at Weija

The Accra Omega Lions Club, has pledged to construct a kitchen facility at the Weija Leprosarium to ensure that cured lepers at the leprosarium have one hot meal a day.

The pledge was made by Lion Hector Delali Avornyotse, the Charter President of the Accra Omega Lions Club on behalf of the group at a ceremony to mark World Leprosy Day at the Weija Leprosarium. A meal pack was also shared to the cured lepers which also marks the month of feeding the hungry on the Lions Clubs International calendar.


Lion Avornyotse, explaining the rationale for their pledge stated that “when the Accra Omega Lions club was chartered, we are supposed to do a project, so we started scouting, which brought us to the Weija Leprosarium, and when we came, we saw some of the cured lepers cooking, meanwhile they had difficulties to do so because they did not have fingers.”

He said the sight of this challenge touched the club and so they approached Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell, S.V.D. who leaves with the cured lepers at the Leprosarium, and asked how the club could assist with the situation. Fr. Campbell informed the club that among all the support needed at the Leprosarium, kitchen facility to cook one hot meal for the inmates is a priority. Getting resources has been a challenge. Accra Omega Lions Club as part of their maiden project decided to support in building the kitchen facility.

The Lion Clubs International is an international association of individuals from different professions and backgrounds whose main function is to provide humanitarian services and ensure that the less privileged in society have some dignity.

Lion Avornyotse encouraged all to donate and support the less privileged ones in our society because there is fulfillment in giving.

Lions!… We Serve!. Together!, We Serve Better!

Story: Radio Angelus News

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