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Who is your belt?

The usefulness of the belt extends beyond a decorative piece of clothing. When worn around the waist, this band holds clothing to one’s body. When rightly put on, this strap prevents (usually) your pant from falling. When fastened correctly, this girdle serves as a restraint for safety purposes. In short, the belt keeps you in check, and literally orders your walk!

The journey of life is a stretch we traverse. It is occasionally littered with different people who have various roles they roll out for us as we move on. Few of them serve as signboards, showing the way. There are some too we meet in this pedestrian life serving as belts.

Reflect: Aside your parents (if any of them is living), is there anyone person you can put your hope on? Is there anyone individual in your life you can fasten your future securely onto? Who’s that one person who can offer to hold you wholly stable or composed in terrible situations that can render you lame, loose, and lost? Do you have someone who will vouch for your mental and emotional sanity in the worst possible times?

In the silent dark moments of prolonged sickness, abandonment, failure, avoidance and rejection, can that friend you claim you have stand by and run errands for you for months the way you’d love, without complaints? Who can you entrust your children and property to as a belt when you finally leave to your Maker? Who among your classmates, confreres, family, co-workers, sisters, brothers of your so-called fraternity can assuredly serve as belt without your asking?

Many people grope and wallow in frustration and despair. This is all they wanted: an anchor or a pedal, arms to hold, belts to fasten with, lights to lead them, stones to step on, and ropes to hold them. Humanity just kicks in the moment you see yourself doing a little extra good with your comments, criticisms, remarks, prayers and resources for those who are physically in pain, emotionally depressed, and actually undecided about where next to head to. Friend, can you genuinely be a belt for someone?

Have a fruitful week.

 Source: Fr. Enyonam

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