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Back On Radio Angelus — World Youth Day Diary

After a hiatus, World Youth Day Diary (WYDD) returns on Radio Angelus rebranded.

The show takes a new approach with four hosts alternating weekly with different content for the four weeks in a month.

Every first Thursday of the month, Augustus Aikins hosts Up-to-date, a segment of the show that takes status reports from the international, local, national, diocesan, and deanery levels, as well as review parish activities towards upcoming WYD celebrations. WYD. Volunteers will also have time to engage in WYD discussions.

On the second Thursdays of the month, WYD Funding hosted by Joseph Oliver Bowers delves into fundraising and financing activities. This segment gives an insight into how people can raise money to join the various WYDs. WYD alumni will be interviewed to share fundraising and business tips.

On third Thursdays of the month Travelblog, hosted by Ekow Boakye begins a journey from how to acquire a passport through to getting back from Lisbon.

Travel tips will be given each session as well as testimonials from WYD alumni on leaving Ghana.

Olà ao adeus, simply ‘hello to goodbye’ will he held every fourth Thursday of the month. Angela Alu will teach conversational Portuguese language and culture for upcoming WYD in Lisbon.

Because a fifth week is not always assured in a month, it will be left open for the production team to use to supplement any segment that fell short in the month.


World Youth Day Diary comes on every Thursday at 7pm on Radio Angelus.

World Youth Day Diary — Revitalised, Revamped, and Refreshed.





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