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What Lent Can Do

As a kid in Good Shepherd, comm. 2, I learned something from Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell, SVD. During lent he would give us containers for the 40-day period in which we saved our fasting monies. This concept has been with me in my almost 9 years of priesthood.

This year was not an exception. I distributed over 100 containers to my two beautiful churches: St. Joseph the Worker, Weija, and St. Peter Tettegu. On Sunday 76 containers returned with an amount of 2,875.55. The amount would be donated to an Orphanage. I love the generosity of my parishioners.

It is time to use our numbers and change society as Catholics. So, let’s do some numbers: If 5,000 Catholics save 100 Ghana cedis throughout their 40 days of fasting that would yield 500,000.

If the whole archdiocese should undertake this project, with let us say 20,000 Catholics we are generating 2,000,000. This could begin the building of a hospital in a small town to mark two years of pandemic and to thank God for his sustenance.

Let’s work out more numbers: If you fast from lunch, ask how much your lunch cost a day and let us peg it at an average of 5 cedis that raises an amount of 200 cedis after 40 days of fasting and that would double the initial amount realized by 20,000 Catholics in the Archdiocese of Accra.

With 4,000,000.00 let us imagine the change we can bring to society each year after Lent. We are mindful that Catholics in Accra alone are more than 20,000. If we extend this project to the nation, the Catholic Church would be a game-changer. We would stop the merger interventions we make, and Easter would be an IMPACTFUL EASTER.

This is the dream of a small bushy-hair priest. What is your dream?

Arise Catholic Faithful ….. It’s time to work together

Source: Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Salifu

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