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SMA Ghana Province appoints youngest Priest yet, as Bursar

Reverend Father Amos Quansah, newly appointed Secretary and Bursar to the Society of African Mission (SMA) Ghana province, has pledged to justify the need for youth inclusion and appointment in various organizations in the country.

The 33-year-old Ghanaian priest has been appointed as Secretary, Communication director and Bursar of SMA Ghana province.

Describing his appointment as a surprise and a dream come true so early, Fr. Quansah disclosed his preparedness to learn from those above him.

He said “I am young for this position. Ideally, they have to appoint an experienced person or someone who has the expertise because this is the highest position but I am very happy for this appointment because it is also a way for me to learn from those ahead of me, especially those I have been placed under to work for the betterment of Ghana mission and the mission of the church at large.”

Being the first and the youngest Ghanaian to occupy this position since the SMA Ghana Chapter was upgraded from region to province, Fr. Quansah indicates his readiness to also comment on Social ills and issues especially moral decadence that is gradually gaining momentum among some youth in the country.

Fr. Quansah outlined his plans as the Bursar, Secretary and the communication director of Ghana SMA province “I will be involved in communication that has to do with the SMA and the church, and then I will be fully involved in the social media to make sure that the church members and the general public get to know what the SMA is doing, like what the Catholic Church is doing and what the church in the world as a whole is doing. I will also be very active on Facebook and other social media platforms to see to it that new rules concerning the church and what the church is broadcasting are explained. I will really engage the youth especially the Catholics to be active in things relating to the church and the moral life that is also gradually coming down. I will like to talk on moral issues more so that the youth will get to learn a lot since catechism is about the teachings of the church and things that are not frequently explained to the youth of today so that they will get more explanation to what is happening in the church and some of the teachings and doctrines that are simply not explained to the people often. Using my social media handle influence, I will be explaining some of these things to them through Radio Angelus and other social media platforms that I will have the opportunity to have access to”.

According to Fr. Quansah, his achievements and legacy as the youngest Priest to occupy such high office at SMA will challenge and change perceptions many hold that the youth lack expertise and experience to occupy high positions.

He further vouched to make sure the image and positions of the youth, especially the young priests, so far as positions are concerned in the church, remain relevant and not fade not.

The position which was officially made known on 11th of July, 2020 is expected to last for six years.

The purpose of SMA is to evangelize to the people of Ghana and to make sure that through evangelization good social amenities are brought to the people as well as the welfare of their education and health issues.


Source: RICHARD MENSAH ADONU//Radio Angelus

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