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Knowing where they come from…

I write in appreciation of this woman who is over 75years.

Dear diary, today I continued my expedition of knowing where my church members come from to church. So after mass and teachings on penance at Odumase which was the second of the day, we visited the sick and then continued to the cocoa farms cottages… We came to Nkukuasa where this 75years energetic woman led us to her cottage in the cocoa farms…

We were wowed by the man-made bridge but what astonished me most was where this woman and the husband stay in this forest. We walked for over 45 minutes after packing at Nkukuasa. Their village is called Dompre or Maame Noga

They live on a very tall mountain and I was even gasping for air but she comfortably climbed. Those I went with all praised her for being punctual to church despite the distance and the mountain.

She had a walking stick under the mountain of which she uses to climb and then leaves it there to be used to descend.

But she normally walks without a stick and she is energetic. God bless these beautiful souls who have a great love for the church.

According to my catechist, they asked them to come once a month to church but she comes every Sunday and anytime I am around.

You are close to the church but still, find reasons not to go to church… Lord have mercy… There were many Catholics around who because of distance were no longer coming to church but I promised to take the mass closer to them the next time and they were happy.

Her appreciation almost made me cry that she is thankful for counting her worthy to have visited her.


Source: Rev. Fr. Jude Mensah, Cape Coast Archdiocese

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