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Wa Diocesan priests hold annual retreat

Fr Andrew Campbell, SVD led the Diocesan Priests of the WA Diocese in their annual retreat from 18th – 24th August, 2019. The annual retreat forms part of activities the priest embark as a form of spiritual renewal.

This year, about thirty Diocesan priests, a Presentation Brother ( Br. Emmanuel Dassah) and the Catholic Bishop of Wa, Most Rev. Richard Kuuia Baawobr. M.AF took part in the retreat. The event was seen as a privilege given to them to undergo the one week annual retreat at the Wanye Spiritual Renewal Centre.

The Retreat was under the theme :” Be holy for I Yahweh your God am Holy ”

Fr. Campbell reminded the participants during his inputs, to strive for HOLINESS as an important element of the priesthood and in the Christian life in general.

At the closing Eucharistic celebration, Fr. Campbell, in his homily reminded the priests that Catholics, “We have a world to win for Christ.” He therefore urged them to intensify their efforts to bring all to salvation in Christ Jesus.

Most Rev. Baawobr M. Afr, who was the main celebrant of the closing Mass, also encouraged all participants to SHARE the rich experiences and the fruits of the retreat with other confreres and all the people they live and work with, so that no one was left out.

During the closing Mass, there was renewal of commitment to priestly service. The Wa presbyterium expressed their heartfelt to God, to their bishop and to Fr. Campbell for the wonderful experiences they had.

The WA Diocese is one of the Dioceses of the Tamale ecclesiastical province. The Diocese has one of the highest Catholic population in the Country. The Diocese is conterminous with the Upper West with a population of over 700,000 people.

Source: Fr. Paul Gaa & Emmanuel Wullingdool

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