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Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell speaks on doing something beautiful for God.

Reverend Father Andrew Campbell, SVD Parish Priest of Christ the King Church, Cantonments, Accra and the Chairman of the Lepers Aid Committee, has called on all Christians to do something beautiful for God.
Doing something beautiful for God entails helping the children on the street, helping the leper in the Leprosarium and helping the poor and needy in the society.

He says “it’s a gospel message to take care of the poor, make real friends with the poor. Romans 12 verses 13 says make real friends with the poor and it means real friends.”

He noted that the materialistic nature of humans has made them unable to show love to one another and therefore encouraged all to think of the welfare of their neighbours.
“If every family could adopt maybe a leper for Christmas or a poor family for Christmas it will do something special. That’s how we can bring love to the world and we are getting too materialistic. We are thinking of ourselves, we are thinking of socialization and material needs, one thing or the other. We are not thinking enough of our neighbour” he said.

He says there is a lot to do: take care of the poor and the needy and be able to do something beautiful for God by helping them in a practical way than just putting hands in the pocket to give them money.

Anyone who wants to support his outfit to reach out to street children and lepers especially in terms of medical services can visit his office at Christ the King parish, Cantonments.

He spoke on the sidelines of the 2019 Lepers’ Aid Christmas concert held in Accra to raise funds for a research center at the Weija Leprosarium.

Source: Radio Angelus

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