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Fr. Tawiah writes: Aryee Maame’s troublesome grandson is now a priest

The thought of becoming a Priest came to me as a very tender age. I can recall with very fond memories mimicking our then Parish Priests; Fr’s Harry Kherer SVD and Francis Beemsterboer SVD. I would use the Catholic Hymnal as my Roman Missal and Tea bread and a cup of water as my host and wine.

My congregation was always made up of two constant people my granny and my big brother. Occasionally, my uncle Aryee would join. I did this religiously for a while and the rest is history as they always say.

The road leading to the Priesthood was not a smooth one but it was worth travelling and I am very happy I travelled it and never gave up even when I could not see the way forward. Every moment lived leading to the Priesthood is considered a learning curve for me.

I toiled to get to where I am today, becoming a Priest Of The Roman Catholic Church isn’t a small joke. In fact it’s not a child’s play. But God has been faithful throughout, in fact it’s been God since day one. There were moments when I felt like giving up, times when I felt that I’m worth more than I felt I was getting from pursuing the dream to become a Priest.

By the grace of God, together with six other brothers of mine, we were ordained as Priests of God. It’s been three good years already and I must say that I’m enjoying every minute of my life as a Priest Of God. Now let me share with you a few things that keeps you going and I yearn daily for as I live my life as a Priest Of God.

I daily remind myself that I am human but a Priest. Thus, I am a human being with all the human faculties there’s for me to function. However, I should always be careful I do not allow my humanness overshadow my being a Priest and forget about what I must do.

What makes me want to see the next day in haste as a Priest Of God is the celebration of Holy Mass. The celebration of Holy Mass affords me the opportunity to lead God’s people to Him and to bring God’s grace to His children.
In the celebration of the Holy Mass, I am privileged to pronounce the words of consecration over ordinary bread and wine which become for all present the Real body and blood of Christ.

I get to hold the real body of Christ in my human hands. The Joy Of The Priesthood, when my unworthiness is overlooked by God and I am made a useful servant through God’s love and mercy is shown all who gather to participate in the Holy Mass.

Again, I am blessed with the faculty of invoking God’s blessings when I invoke it through the Trinitarian formulae over God’s people.

Who will ever think that Aryee Maame’s troublesome grandson would become a Priest one day. The reality is that when God wills it, it surely will come to pass and it is always beautiful to behold.

The Joy Of The Priesthood is manifest when I sit “in persona Christi” at the confessional and absolve penitents Of their sin and through their sins are forgiven them. Sometimes, I ask myself, is it really me who is doing this for God?
In all these, I’ve found for myself great joy as a Priest Of God. I am happy I am a Priest, I won’t trade it for another. One thing I treasure most in my life is my Priesthood, you can take everything away from me, but not my Priesthood.

Remember to say a prayer for a Priest you know, do not only pray for a Priest you know but for all who have been called by God to serve as His Priests among His faithful.

Love your Priests as your own, for they are your sons, brothers, nephews and grandsons. Do not waste your time criticizing them even when you know you are not being fair to them.
God bless you

Source: Fr. Winfred Charles Tawaih

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