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 Replace CSE with comprehensive sanitation education – Fr. Patrick Segkpeb advocates

The Administrator of the St. Andrews Cathedral of the Catholic Diocese of Wa, Very Rev. Fr. Patrick Segkpeb, has called for the rejection of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Ghana and asked that it be replaced with Comprehensive Sanitation Education. He said sanitation education was far more important than the sexuality education which is being discussed.

Delivering his sermon on Sunday during the mass celebration, he said “instead of comprehensive sexuality education why not comprehensive sanitation education, comprehensive scripture education or comprehensive security education. The comprehensive sexuality education that is being discussed, how comprehensively educated is the teacher who is going to teach the CSE?”.

He therefore called on stakeholders to renounce the thought of introducing Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) into Ghana’s educational system.  He made the call as part of the homily he delivered to parishioners of the Cathedral on Sunday, 6th October 2019.

Fr Segkpeb noted with concern the gradual erosion of morals of the youth in the Ghanaian Society and indicated that any attempt to introduce comprehensive sexuality education would amount to mental pollution of the youth and further worsen the situation.

He further called on Catholic professionals who are Lawyers, Teachers and Policy Makers to use their talents to defend the teachings of the Church and to ensure that the good of the people are always safeguarded.
The day was also used to remind Catholics that the gift of baptism which empowers them to bear the good news of Christ to all people. They were reminded the Holy Father, Pope Francis, has declared the month of October as an Extra Ordinary Month of Evangelisation.

The St. Andrews Cathedral is one of the vibrant Parishes in the diocese. As seat of the Bishop, it attracts many Catholics. Therefore, three masses are held every Sunday. Father Patrick made these pronouncements during the third Mass. The mass was attended by people of all walks of life.

The youth, the elderly, men, women, among others. Present also was a crew from GBC Radio Upper west who provided live coverage of the mass. It allowed people who could not go for mass to also listen to the homily and follow the service.

Source:Emmanuel Wullingdool//Radio Angelus

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