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Church in Malawi holds day of prayer for peace amidst electoral violence

The Catholic Church in Malawi has sort divine intervention for peace following divisions and unrest occasioned by the disputed May 21 presidential election results in which the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) declared Peter Mutharika the winner, Angelus News can Report.

The unrest in the landlocked Southeastern African country has been characterized with constant violence and demonstrations pressing for the resignation MEC Chairman, Jane Ansah, accused of overseeing a flawed election process.

Archbishop of Blantyre Most Rev. Thomas Luke Msusa  says  after almost five months after the general elections in Malawi, there seem to be an unending political unrest in the country necessitating the call to prayer.

“ we want to seek for God’s intervention and pray for peace, pray for reconciliation and pray for a just society,” he said.

“It is peace that will help bring unity in the country at this time,” the Archbishop of Blantyre, Malawi said and disclosed, “We have also invited other denominations and political leadership,” he averred.

Political violence rose to its pinnacle in Malawi as the country prepared for its May elections. Months after the electoral process, the situation persists.

The victims of the violence were mostly opposition party members beaten by suspected supporters of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party. However, DPP officials have denied being behind the attacks, blaming misguided youth who aim to tarnish the party’s image.

Source: Radioangelus.com

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