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Accra East Region Marshallans undertake health outreach as part of Sir James Marshall Day celebration


The Accra East Region of the Knights and Ladies of Marshall has undertaken a health outreach at the Potter’s Village, an orphanage at Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region.  The exercise was organized by the Catholic friendly society, in partnership with the Ghana Health Service and was supported by Panbros Salt Industries Limited, a Ghanaian owned and oldest salt company in the country. Panbros has been very pivotal in this period of COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the production of high-quality salt of international standard to produce liquid soap and other detergents. According to management of Panbros, the initiative by Accra East region is in sync with their corporate social responsibility of giving back to society, especially the less privileged.


During the exercise, over 120 children, residents of Potter’s Village and about 15 caregivers received various degrees of basic health services including dental, Ear Nose and Throat, and eye examinations.

Speaking at the outreach, the Regional Noble Lady of the Accra East Region of the Noble Order, Respected Lady, Sister Isabelle Odartey Wellington thanked the medical team, drawn from the Ghana Health Service and the Medical staff belonging to the Noble Order, for their selflessness to offer service to the children. To ensure that the health and medical resources and expertise of the society are adequately tapped into in aid of society, she announced the formation of the Accra East Region Medical Team.  The team will constitute the medical professionals within the Accra East region of the Noble Order. “This has become necessary given the current situation during this period of COVID-19 pandemic” she said. With this group, Accra East region of the Noble Order will seek to undertake more of such activities in the future.

The Regional Grand Knight, Worthy Brother Thompson Kubaje thanked Panbros Salt Industries Limited for supporting the initiative. Panbros Salt Industries Limited donated food items with over GHC4000, a cash of GHC10,000 and pledged an educational scholarship scheme for 10 children of the orphanage.

The exercise was part of the regional celebration of Sir James Marshall Day, which falls on the first Sunday of May. Sir James Marshall Day is a day set aside by the Noble Order as a memorial of the man after whom the society was named.  The exercise also falls within the scope of the Marshallan Relief and Development Services (MAREDES), the development wing of the Noble Order.

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