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Accra East Grand Commandery holds 4th Biennial Convention 2021

The Accra East Grand Commandery of Knights of St. John International held its 4th Biennial Grand Convention at the Holy Spirit Cathedral Parish Hall from 30th April to 1st May, 2021. The theme for the Convention was ‘KSJI (Knights and Ladies) living our faith in the COVID-19 pandemic’

The first day’s activities started with registration and taking of temperatures of Officers, Delegates and Observers. After the registration, members proceeded to attend a Memorial Mass in honour of fallen Knights and Sisters for the period July 2019 to April 2021.

After Mass, a talk on the theme was aptly delivered by Lt. Dr. Robert Adjaye, 1st Trustee of the Accra East Grand Commandery. He called on members to adopt the humility and commitment to the faith as demonstrated by our Patron Saint, St. John the Baptist; take joy in proclaiming the Gospel, and fully participate in the evangelisation role of the laity in the Church.

The First Business session commenced with the outgoing Grand President, Brig. Gen. Bekoe Palmer- Buckle calling the Convention to order at 10:00am, followed by the Opening Rituals. The Grand Judge Advocate read the rules of the Convention, after which the session continued with the presentation of Officers’ reports and the formation of various committees. The first day’s event ended successfully at 3:00pm.

On the second day, before the main business of the day which was election of new officers, Rev. Fr. (Maj.) Benyah Mensah led members to recite a decade of the rosary to commemorate the feast of St. Joseph the Worker.

The business of the day then proceeded after the Nominating Committees and Credentials Committee had given their final report. The outgoing Grand President, Brig. Gen. Bekoe Palmer Buckle called on the immediate Past Grand President, Brig. Gen. Anthony Chinebuah, assisted by the other Past Grand Presidents Lt. Gen. William J. Biney and Maj. Gen Sir Samuel Asubonteng to conduct the elections.

Below is the list of the newly constituted Board of Accra East Grand Commandery for the term May 2021 to June 2023.


1. Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Plange – Grand President


2. Very Rev. Fr. (Maj) John Benyah Mensah – Grand Spiritual Director


3. Brig. Gen. Bekoe Palmer-Buckle – Past President


4. Brig. Gen. Anthony Chinebuah – Past President 


5. Maj. Gen. Sir Samuel K. Asubonteng – Past President 


6. Lt. Gen. Joseph W. Biney – Past President


7. Col. Emmanuel Afetsi – 1st Vice President


8. Col. John Dadzie – 2nd Vice President


9. Col. Dominic Darkwa – Grand Secretary


10. Lt. David K. Halm – Grand Assistant Secretary


11. Lt. Ansong Dankyi – Grand Financial Secretary


12. Capt. Cecil Garbrah – Grand Treasurer


13. S/K Peter Dery – Grand Judge Advocate


14. Lt. Dr Robert Adjaye – Grand 1st Trustee


15. Bro. Dr. Samuel Kwofie – Grand 2nd Trustee


16. Capt. Damien Amoatin – Grand 3rd Trustee


17. Capt. John Amenya – Grand Messenger


18. Capt. Prince King – Grand Guard


19. Capt. Emmanuel Duho – Grand Sgt-At-Arms


20. Col. George Noamesi – Commander, 1st Regiment, 15th District


21. Maj. Franklin Agbenosi – Commander, 5th District


22. Maj. James Klu – Commander, 14th District


The newly elected Grand President, Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Plange thanked all Brothers for electing him as the new President. He also requested for support from all to enable him to continue with the unfinished business of the past Grand Board. He then led the Closing Rituals to bring the 2021 Accra East Grand Commandery 4th Biennial Convention to a close at 3:47pm with a closing prayer by Rev. Fr. (Maj.) Benyah Mensah. It is worth noting that throughout the Convention all COVID-19 protocols were strictly adhered to. Below are pictures from the Memorial Mass and Convention meeting.


Report by:

Col. Dominic K. Darkwa

Accra East Grand Secretary

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