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This Ghanaian SVD priest spent Christmas shaving the ‘chief of the village’ in Papua New Guinea

Pictures of a Ghanaian SVD priest giving the poor and less privileged within his station in Papua New Guinea a clean shave for Christmas.

The Priest, Rev. Fr. Eric Ankamah posted on Facebook some heartwarming pictures of himself delivering as a barber after paying a visit to a local chief at his palace.

“Itz 26 December and my present for this kukurai (chief) is giving him a nice hair cut when i visited this morning in his haus man (palace)”.  Fr. Erique Ankamah wrote on the social media platform Facebook

Christmas is a time of celebration and festivity around the world, and there are many vibrant and unique ways of celebrating the holidays. Of course, every individual family has its own holiday tradition, but many places have common customs.


Source: Radioangelus.com


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