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The Sorrowful Laughter: The book many are talking about

Authors of “The Sun at Midnight” and “In His Presence”, Rev. Frs. Derrick Eyram Senanu and Courage Senam Dogbey respectively, have joined hands and minds and are about outdooring another captivating book that captures the trials and tribulations often faced by married couples in their marital life.

The book titled “The Sorrowful Laughter: The Seven Chapters of Marriage” encapsulates the sorrows and laughter in marriage drawing examples from various characters in the Bible. (Should I mention their names?)

To paraphrase the introduction by the Archbishop Emeritus of Kumasi, to read this book is to know that each marriage, is unique and comes with its individual challenges.

But it is dependent on the couple to make it work. Once you choose to send your partner to the
altar and say “I do” and “Till death do us part”, you really must put in your all and do whatever it takes for the union to work, just like one will for his/her business, until death separates you. The book has the enormous power to influence and shape the lives of the married and even the unmarried.

Dr Anthony Gyening-Yeboah, author of The Phoenix of Love, has this to say about the

“In an age where marriage is financially intimidating, emotionally fearsome, spiritually questioned, philosophically undermined and morally debased; a book of this kind is not just necessary but timely.”

Most Rev. Peter K. Sarpong suggests not only reading “The Sorrowful Laughter: The Seven Chapters of Marriage” but also listening to the overwhelming response it prompts in the reader.

It is a guarantee that finishing this book and then forgetting about it is simply not an option. There is so much there that lingers, and not just about matters of marriage, but about life and death in marriage.

The launch of “The Sorrowful Laughter: The Seven Chapters of Marriage” is
scheduled to come off on 9 th February, 2020 at the St James Church, Osu at 4pm

Source: Radioangelus.com

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