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Opinion: Avoid unnecessary travels, even the prisons are not safe.

I know Government has not imposed any travel ban. Well, here is why your plans to visit that relative or friend in another town during this period will be a very bad idea.
History is there to teach us lessons.
So here in China, over 500 cases were confirmed in 5 prisons in 3 provinces.

You may think the prisons should be the safest place to be during this period because inmates don’t have or have limited contact with the outside. You may be right. I thought same too until we realized there wasn’t any safe place any longer
Over 200 inmates were reported to have been infected in just 1 prison. A prison in Jining in Shandong Province.

Guess who got them infected? Just 1 warden. A statement issued concluded that the outbreak in that prison happened after a person transmitted the virus to a correctional officer at the prison.

China at the time took a lot of precautionary measures to ensure minimal spread of the virus of which checking the temperatures of all people who entered any community, shopping malls, essential working places etc were inclusive.

So definitely these wardens might have been recording normal body temperatures as well no obvious clinical symptoms of the Virus.
What am I driving at? This Virus ‘mode of transmission is still under study. Most infected people in their incubation period are asymptomatic.

They however are able to transmit the virus during that period. That is to say, you may be harboring the virus unawares and you may infect a lot of people unknowingly.That’s why the WHO has advocated mass testing.Before government effect these measures, we can do our part to keep ourselves, our friends and families safe by canceling all our visit plans. Tell that friend/family you’ve planned meeting, that you’ll see each other when this war is over.

The best way to win this war is to minimize our movements.
Please stay at home as much as you can  except to get food, get necessary health care or get to an essential job.

Everybody must be part of this battle against the virus.
I believe we can do this.


Source: Anne-Marie Rosa Mystica 

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