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ANGER from the cambridge dictionary, is a strong feeling that makes you want to hurt someone or be unpleasant because of something unfair or unkind that has happened.

From the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, ANGER is a strong feeling that you have when something has happened that you think is bad and unfair.

From my own opinion, ANGER is a hidden feeling in the body that makes you want to hurt someone or others because something wrong or bad was done to you.

As we are human, probably there will be anger within us. No matter what happens, you might hurt ourselves or say something that will make the other person angry.

ANGER, when not handled well creates problems for the individual and brings conflicts among them in the society. What then can we do to deal with anger among ourselves.

Firstly, you must recognize and acknowledge the fact that you are angry. You must know your redaction and whatever that goes on within you when angry. When this is done will help you control your temper whenever anger comes to you.

Also, it is very important to have the desire to deal with your anger. You must always have the desire to control your temper when you are being adviced by other people. For instance, when some people engage themselves in fighting, one opponent may never understand to let go even if their case is settled. When this happens, they may damage things around them and hurt themselves. But if they should have the desire to deal with their anger, they would immediately accept and understand the advice given to them by other people.

Again, be mindful of the fact that it is not a matter of punishing people whom you think have acted in an unjust way. Some people think they have to punish or hurt the cause of the anger to feel satisfied. But it is the matter of ensuring that a constructive result comes from the situation. If it is possible for you to leave the place or ignore the one who is provoking you, do so, but in a polite manner. For instance, you ask to be excused for a moment.

What else can you do to control your anger? We must engage ourselves in regular physical exercise. Physical exercise such as jogging, swimming, playing football, ridding bicycle, walking and more are needed. All these exercises bring some kind of happiness to the body which helps to do away with wrong deeds done to the person.

Furthermore, in dealing with anger, you must cultivate the habit of reading. This act helps to do away with anger. This is because anger comes from the mind but this is the case where you have transferred the mind to the book. Mostly, read the book of your interest. It could be either story book, graphic or any other book of your interest.

Another means of dealing with anger is by explaining to a friend who is ready to listen. Saying something something from one’s heart to another person willing to listen is quite helpful. This is because anger shared shared is anger diminished. Anytime someone explains the cause of anger to another leads to a part of pain being shed. Besides, a friend who knows the cause of your anger will avoid the circumstances that will lead to your anger.

These are some means of dealing with your anger. It is said that FORGIVENESS is the most helpful way to handle anger. You must always and everyday forgive those who sin against you as you always pray to our Father in heaven to forgive you all your since.

Source: Cephas Abbew

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