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APPEAL: Support for kidney transplant

Mrs. Irene Dan-Okine, a staunch member of our Catholic community has been diagnosed with End Stage Kidney Failure from hypertension in October 2020.

Her condition is currently being managed with hemodialysis three times a week. She requires antihypertensive medications, weekly erythropoietin injections and iron sucrose injection to maintain her blood levels and prevent anaemia.

While undergoing these treatments, the doctors in charge have advised that there is an urgent need for a kidney transplant. Both the donor (husband to the recipient – Mr Peter Dan-Okine) and the recipient have been well examined and undergone all the required lab tests for the kidney transplant.

Your donations will go directly to fund the $40,000 needed for the double surgery (donor and receiver), and any other costs that may be needed.

With your donations, a successful kidney transplant would offer her a normal kidney function and an overall better quality of life.

Donations can be made through:



MTN mobile money: 0241995463

Donald Dan-Okine


Donald Dan-Okine

Ghana Commercial Bank

Acc no: 1471010015859

Adenta market.

Radio Angelus thanks you in advance for your generous contribution.

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