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 It’s easy to confuse being a rainbow in someone’s cloud with being a people-pleaser. But the difference between the two is that the latter demands too much of you, which we mostly actualize in relationship with the notion of love, while the former demands just enough. People-pleasers give away at the expense of their nothingness. Giving food away even you are hungry yourself. The Latin axiom sums this as “Nemo dat quod non habet”, meaning, nobody gives what he doesn’t have. Being a rainbow does not mean doing things at the cost of yourself.

Just because you are not building mansions, spending your energy to get rid of the cloud or stopping the rain does not mean you are not doing enough. Sometimes we are expected to do the ordinary things in an extra ordinary way. St Padre Pio in his teachings held the fact that “You don’t have to be worthy, you only have to be willing”.  I have always been of the view that, as human beings we are required to do the minor things; like being an attentive listener, a positive quote to motivate, greetings and above all smiling to a fellow. These small gestures are enough. Be encouraged to find someone in your life whom you know is challenged in the spheres of life, without expecting anything in return, be a rainbow in their cloud.

The world is moving at a top speed that the youth of this day need people to share their problems, a small space for advice. In the words of Thic Nhat Hanh: “ The most precious gifts we can offer others is our presence”  and it is not surprising that most of our ladies love attention, however you cease the opportunity and benefit when you are being attended to. Be the Good Shepherd on earth by searching for the sheep (broken, depressed, frustrated, sick, aged, old friends etc.) as Christ does daily.

When mindfulness hugs those we love, they will blossom like flowers. To love is a whole journey on it own; with ups and down. But I believe that “to love is to sacrifice”. It is explained in the sense that, forgoing your interest in order to avail oneself for someone.  However not everyone deserves love, no matter the extreme sacrifices you render, they will not appreciate and you will realize you are watering a dry stick. It is a surefire fact.

Such individuals are not to be left desolate but gradually enlightening them with things of the nature, allowing them to do things they wish to do, unveiling to them the mystery of man. That man is inevitably good and since he finds himself on earth, he is expected to appreciate himself first, do the little to the environment (home) and it will surprise you what will flourish from it.

In life, when you want something, you will never get, impelling our local proverb which stipulate that “The day I need a wife, the market is filled with people”. Why won’t it? Because you are looking forward for Mr. perfect which is relatively possible. It will interest you to know the list of guys on a lady’s list pending for approval. Eeei…lol!!! Don’t hurdle your chances of success. Open up, talk from your heart and leave an indelible mark in people’s life. Remember that, to love is to sacrifice.


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