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Sin does not only break God’s law; it also breaks His heart. It appears we become “good for nothing” when we seek to satisfy the desires of the flesh than to obey God’s commandments. It shows how ungrateful we are to God, who is the source of our being. God chose us to be his own people, but when we fail to allow him to nurture us we cause ourselves great harm. Our evil inclinations, arrogance, pride, and our numerous weaknesses hinder us from listening to Him. They take us from him and lead our souls to destruction. This is a clear indication that when we sin against God, we cut ourselves off from him and suffer the consequences. This is familiar to every christian believer. It is the judgment of God against his faithful people.

But when we sincerely admit our guilts, the great iniquities of our past, and we become willing to amend our ways, and resolve to do better, He shows us his divine mercy which never ends. St. Bernard of Clairvaux teaches us that “there are three ways for wisdom or prudence to abound in you: if you confess your sins, if you give thanks and praise, and if your speech is edifying.” Repentance leads to freedom from the slavery of sin. It endows us with the grace to know God’s will and to act accordingly as expected of us as Christians.

In all situations, God broadens our horizon and opens our hearts to receive his wise plan of salvation.
And as part of God’s plan to save us, Holy Mother Church invites us to a 40-day spiritual preparation towards the annual celebration of the paschal mystery of our redemption. This is the SEASON OF LENT. We are called to return to our Father, who in spite of our weaknesses and failures, opens his arms to embrace us with his unending mercy. The season of lent offers us the opportunity to reflect on our Christian journey. It is a season of repentance, a period to learn to pray so as to deepen our relationship with God. We must be willing to present ourselves to the source of our being to make us what he pleases to do with us. God is our Father, who helps all who stand in need of his saving help.

Let us therefore use this great opportunity to deepen our personal relationship with God. We must REPENT AND LEARN TO PRAY this season. In prayer, God invites us to a conversation that nourishes the soul. He communicates his graces to us when we learn to listen to Him. We can only achieve this through silence. Silence is the only door that predisposes the soul to listening.

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen in his book, “Simple Truth”, teaches that “Along with silence, there must go a sense of the presence of God. This means begging the Divine Light to illumine our hearts to see them not as we think we are, or as others think we are, but as we really are in the sight of God.”

We are being urged to develop the habit of spending time with Jesus in the blessed Sacrament throughout this season of lent. We should make it a part of our plans to listen to God in this Lenten season. This will help us to journey with the Lord with a sincere spirit and a humble heart throughout this period of grace and mercy. Jesus desires we spend time alone with Him. The Chapel is always open for private adoration. Visit Jesus, be silent in His presence and He will communicate His graces to you.

May God grant us the grace to repent from our evil ways and learn to build a stronger and committed relationship with God and our neighbour.

Source: Peter Agnes Kwasi Boadi

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