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World Youth Celebration 2021 (Ghana)

Reports from the Archdiocesan youth office notes that, the International World Youth Day Celebration, bound to take place in Portugal is slated for 2023.

As declared by Pope Francis on 22nd November, 2020, the celebration of the World Youth Day will now be celebrated on the feast of Christ the King. In this light, the World Youth Day is to be celebrated at the Parish level and this will take place on 21st November, 2021.

The week before which is 14th November, 2021 will be the launch of the Youth Week Celebration. However all churches who have already planned to celebrate Youth Week, the week to Palm Sunday 2021, may celebrate as planned and still work towards the new directive in November 2021.

By this directive, pastors are encouraged to still involve the youth in the celebration of the Palm Sunday 2021 and beyond, in the liturgy, through singing (youth choir), reading, ushering and all other things like before and call on all youth to participate actively in the Palm Sunday celebration like always.

The Youth are encouraged to wear the Archdiocesan Youth shirts on the day and for all youth programmes.

The Archdiocesan youth council invites all Deanery Youth Council Executives, Archdiocesan Youth Movements Executives, two (2) Executives each from the various Parish/Church Youth Councils to the launch of the International World Youth Day Celebration which will take place on the Sunday 21st March, 2021 at St. James Catholice Church, Osu-Re. at 5.pm.

This is to outdoor the road map for the Youth in the Archdiocese towards the preparations and participation in the International World Youth Day Celebration which will take place in Portugal 2023




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