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Why Catholic Bishops, Priests and Religious wear rings

The thought of seeing Priests, Bishops and Religious put on ring May sprout up questions in your mind as to why the act is such.

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Salifu in his teachings, explains why bishops, religious, and even some priests put on a ring.

Citing one example from Genesis 41, 42, he talked about how Joseph was given a signet ring by Pharoah signifying authority because he was second in command.

“I want to cite one example in Genesis chapter 41 verse 42, we would see that Joseph is given a signet ring by Pharaoh because he was a second in command. And by that ring, he was given authority. So the ring, the signet ring, over there was a symbol of authority,” he said.

He also said, “In one of the letters of St. Augustine, we understand that as at the 4th century bishops were wearing rings, and it symbolises two things. First, it symbolises the fact that they wear to be faithful to their dioceses and to the Word of God, and they were to be prudent in the actions, they were to take their vow, and their expression of love for the church very seriously.”

Fr. Salifu further added that, “the significance is that he is wedded, and is faithful to his diocese and to the church as the body of Christ.”

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