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The Problem is Not about Financial Breakthrough

Beloved in Christ,

I feel that something must be addressed on the continuous “Church Exploitation”

By church Exploitation l mean a schematic and dramatic means use by some modern Day “Pastors” and “Prophets” and the so called men of God to enrich themselves leaving the congregants in perpetual poverty and despair.

The church which is supposed to be a welcoming home for the needy, oppressed and the marginalised has become place where only the rich are adored, the church has become place of Amusement in competition with cinema’s and theatres. The church secularisation has “desacramatalized” some churches making the Christian Secular than the world.

To some the pockets fill person goes to church and come back home broke yet he was denied with the Word of God and in place dancing and offerings,seed sowing and harvest has taken over the principal Place in our churches.

To those Praying for Financial breakthrough may God grant You a helper and a destiny changer, and may the favour of God locate you.

However with some degree of truth kindly

Tell Your Pastors and Prophets to Stop Exploiting congregation.

The truth of the matters is that sometimes it is not financial breakthrough that You really need, what You need is a breakthrough in “Church Exploitations”.

You need God to get you out of that theatrical and fanfare places you called church to a Bible believing Church where salvation of Souls and wellbeing of the human person is focused.

Not a church that still demands tithes and offerings during the Corona Pandemic even when the governments and secular institutions are putting measures to safeguard people financially.For instance in some countries citizens were ask not to pay ight and water Bill’s and taxes by the State. Still in other countries food and some basic preventive item were distributed to reduce financial weakening of her citizens. As the start and government was busy doing these,some churches headed by their Pastors were still demand with no Sympathy tithes, dues and offerings from congregations. This was done publicly by asking members to use mobile money to pay tithes and offerings. This indeed is “church Exploitation”.

The  church that force you to so sow a seed that will bear fruit for only the Pastor and his wife.

Some churches spent less or no time to  Preach and give 2 to 3 hours for Offering time and selling of oils and seed sowing. Beloved if your church is under this category then what you need best is Breakthrough in Church Exploitation not Financial Breakthrough!

At least we have for examples Catholic/Methodist and other mission

schools,hospitals,orphanage homes, and many more projects to help the society and

individual wellbeing.But if your Pastor can only boast of Cars and display

mansions and throw money at you during functions and church services. Yet he uses 5hrs to sell oil,water ,powder, handkerchiefs,calendars, wristbands and the likes at high price

And Shout Recieve Your financial breakthrough in Jesus’ name!

How can you come out of financial struggles when the little You have to invest is taken from you through this church Exploitation.

how can You come to church to encounter God for blessings but goes home

exploited and impoverished . Many go to church rich but return home Spiritually and physically empty if not poorer than when they were home.

Beloved our God is not God of Exploitation, he  blesses Free and never demand

anything material for our blessings.

the Lord demand our heart and mind to be pure and blameless,

righteousness is what bring God’s favour to us.

Therefore You give freely to God to thank him for his blessing and

goodness to You. If your lifestyle is “unchristian” unholy ,Filthy and deceptive no

amount of “anointed oil ” you may called it can save or redeem You .

Let set our Christian priorities right brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Be faithful and hopeful that God will bless the little we have if we trust his words “My grace is Sufficient for You”


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