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Testimony: How Rita’s request to God at 31st December Mass was granted

Rita Kaninene is gainfully employed as a nurse in the Tumu Deanery within the Sissala East District of the Catholic Diocese of Wa in the Upper West Region. On top of it all, she is a proud mother of a 3-month old Baby.

These things which happened in her life within 2019 were attributed to Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar who she believed answered a prayer request she made on the 31st of December, 2018.

This did not happen over-night. It has been a journey of faith. Rita had been married for 3 years but without a child. To add to her sorrow, she had been trained as a nurse since 2016 but had no posting as in December 2018. The combined effect made life so unbearable for her.

She did not sit down but started looking for a solution to her problem. She sought advice from family and friends on what to do. She also got a lot of advice from family and friends telling her to look for help elsewhere other than the Lord. To this, she flatly refused but kept her gaze on the Lord.

31st December 2018, was a normal 31st Night for many, but to Rita, it was a night of a difference. She earnestly sought an encounter with the Lord. During the midnight service that was conducted on 31st December at the St. Benedict Catholic Church, an opportunity was given for all to make their intentions known to the Lord.

Rita latched on this opportunity as if it was the only one she had and banked all her hope on the Lord. She made a specific request to the Lord saying He should remember her and let her have a child and get a posting in 2019. She added that if the Lord grants her request, she would stand before the whole church and bear testimony to Him.

For Rita, the year 2019 will forever be etched in her mind. Having crossed over into 2019, she was looking forward to the goodness of the Lord. To her surprise, in February 2019, to the glory of God, she conceived and eventually gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

On top of that, in April 2019, Rita got a job at a government health facility in the Sissala East District. These were the exact things she had prayed for and God granted her request.

Its indeed a great joy for her. As God has done great things in her life. Therefore, in fulfillment of her promise, she came before the whole church to share this testimony. In her testimony, she urged all Catholics to stick to their faith.

She particularly encouraged them to have faith in Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Alta. She further advised Catholics to stop moving from denomination to denomination in search of miracles but rather to stay in the Catholic Church as God is real.

Sister Rita Kaninene is a member of the St. Benedict Catholic Church, Wa, in the Catholic Diocese of Wa.

Source: Emmanuel Wullingdool// Radio Angelus

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