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St Paul’s Seminary marks Sunday of the Word of God

Seminarians and faithful worshipping at St Paul’s Catholic Seminary in Sowutuom have celebrated the Sunday of the Word of God in grand style. The Eucharistic Celebration was presided over by Very Rev Fr. Michael K. Mensah.

In his homily, he gave a brief explanation of the idea behind the celebration stating that this year marks 1600 years since St Jerome translated the Bible from its original language, Hebrew, into the popular language of the time, Latin. His motivation for translating the scriptures was based on his famous saying, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” Therefore there was the need for all to be familiar with the Word of God.

Fr. Mensah reflected with the faithful on three things in line with the Sunday of the Word of God. First, he encouraged every Catholic to own and read the Bible everyday so as to know Christ more. Secondly, everything we do must emanate from and be inspired by the Word of God. Finally, we must be aware that the Bible is the source of evangelism and missionary works. We cannot preach Christ without Scripture.

Reflecting on the Gospel of the day (Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time), Fr Mensah gave three important areas to look at in our dealings with people. First is how we respond to those in authority who appear to be very difficult to deal with.

They virtually “slap” us on the cheek and Jesus tells us to offer the other cheek. We are not to rebel or fight back. Secondly, is how we react to those who are at the same level as we are. It could be a brother, sister, friend or colleague.

These are the people who might take us to court for our tunic. Jesus admonishes us to even add our cloaks to the tunic and give to them. This is perhaps the most difficult “fight” you can be involved in: dealing with someone you are equal with. Finally, ”Jesus teaches us to give to those who beg from us,”

This group of people can be likened to our subordinates. How do you react to subordinates who offend you and still ask for forgiveness? When a subordinate, be it your employee, your student, your driver or house-help, hurts you, it takes the greatest deal of restraint not to respond in equal and appropriate measure,” he said.

He noted that Jesus teaches all these in comparison to our Heavenly Father who is all powerful, whom we always offend and yet does not deal with us according to our sins but rather shows us mercy. It is this perfection that we are all called to strive towards and live.

The celebration witnessed the enthronement of the Word by the seminarians amidst beautiful cultural dance and display. The day’s gospel was also dramatized in what is known as “Biblio-drama,” to make the Word of God more practical and easier to comprehend by the faithful.

The celebration of the Sunday of the Word of God was climaxed in the evening with a solemn procession with the Blessed Sacrament after Solemn Vespers. The procession ended at the Seminary’s oratory where the Blessed Sacrament was reposed to be adored by all.

Present at the celebration were Very Rev. Frs. Francis Arthur, Albert Amakyi, Joseph Okine-Quartey and Stephen Stanislaus Ackah, all being formators of the seminary.


Source: Radioangelus.com// Wisdom Martin Kongor     

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