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St. Francis Xavier parish celebrates 53rd anniversary in traditional panache

Parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Kotobabi Accra crowned their 53rd-anniversary celebration on Sunday 8th December 2019, with a display of Ghanaian tradition.

The Parish started the week’s celebration with a memorial Mass of St. Francis Xavier which is held annually on 3rd December followed by a 3-day mega revival from 4th to 6th December.

The Youth of the Parish had their turn to clean up the Parish and its environs with an event dubbed ‘kenkey konnect’ on Saturday 7th December.

During the Traditional Sunday Mass, the Parish Priest Very Rev. Fr. Nicholas Larsey, in his homily stressed on forgiveness and reconciliation. He said the intention of God for us to live together, was imminent in the day’s readings. “The wolf and the lamb will live together, the leopard and the goat will lie together, the infant will play at the Cobra’s pit”.

He urged Parishioners holding grudges against each other to let go and charged them to reconcile before the year ends, to enjoy the grace of God. He also admonished husbands and wives to forgive their spouse, as holding grudges can bring about many health-related problems.

Parishioners had an Agape after Mass which saw the various communities; Ewe, Akan, Northern, Nawdba and Francophones performing to the admiration and entertainment of all.

History of the Parish:
St. Francis Xavier Parish after construction, celebrated its first Holy Mass on Sunday 26th June 1966 with Rev. Fr. Richard Wurff as the main celebrant.
The name ‘St. Francis Xavier’ was given to the Church by Rev. Fr. Lauck. The Church was blessed and consecrated by Bishop Joseph O. Bowers in 1966. The first Parish Priest was a German missionary, the late Very Rev. Fr. Frad Hahn.

53 years down the line, the Parish now has a beautiful Chapel, Grotto, Adoration Chapel, Rectory, Parish Hall and a Secondary School to its name.

Source: Radio Angelus //Vida Kemevor Dadebo

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