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Sr. Jennifer writes: Heart to heart

I heart you! It is a new phrase coming up. It seeks to suggest that the love one has for the other is beyond just the word ‘love’. Reflecting on the new phrase, I heart you! draws our attention to the human heart.

The human heart is known to pump blood through the veins to sustain life. Without the heart there is no life, hence, the heart is life.

To heart you, therefore means that I am responsible for your breath, your strength, your peace, and everlasting joy. I want to be with you, by you and within you.

The Lord Jesus offered to ‘heart’ us some centuries ago, and still gives us this offer; to plead and pray to His heart.

Be a devotee of the Sacred Heart or not, we are called to love our Lord Jesus Christ for our own sake and for the sake of others, especially, those who do not believe in Him and those who have forsaken Him. Also to make reparation for our sins and those of the whole world.

The Lord needs us to love and appreciate His death on the cross for the sake of humanity.

What do we see in our world today? The love of many towards the Sacred Heart of Jesus is getting cold; giving our attention to the perishable things of this world at the expense of the salvation of our very soul.

We have taken the love of Christ for granted as if His sacrifice on Calvary’s tree does not matter.

He left His glory, His majesty to take our sins. He who knew no sin bore our sins and guilts for love of us, yet all we can do is to reject His love.

He pleads with us to accept His heart in exchange of ours, waiting on us to accept His love so that we can experience this gratuitous and unconditional love and share with others.

Let us not keep quiet, rather, just as the Samaritan woman by the well went back into the village to tell all and sundry about Jesus, let us also yearn to spread the love of Christ wherever we find ourselves not only in words but particularly in actions.

We are expected to make reparation to the Sacred Heart for our own sins and those of the world. He shows us the way by admonishing us to receive the Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of Penance to atone for our numerous sins.

Let us strive to take advantage of all the graces made available to us in order to obtain all the promises given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

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May the Sacred Heart of Jesus which was wounded for our sake be everywhere loved, adored, honored, and glorified now and forever. Amen.







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