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Sir Kt Bro Cobb installed Supreme Knight Of Marshall

A former General Manager of Vodafone Ghana (Ghana Telecom) has been installed as the 33rd Supreme Knight of the Knights of Marshall, a catholic-friendly society. Addressing members of the Supreme Council of the Knights of Marshall, the highest decision-making body of the society, after his installation on Saturday, September 14, 2019 in Sekondi, Sir Kt Bro Charles Cobb called on members of the Marshallan fraternity to rise up to support the Catholic Church and the Ghanaian society.

He urged Marshallans to “invest in the Marshallan Savings and Investment Fund (MaSiF) and the Marshallan Security Trust (MST) and watch their money grow” and create a growing fund to support them respond to the charitable needs of society. As part of efforts to generate revenue, he said his administration would be working towards establishing a brokerage entity to raise funds for the society to help not only its members but other needy people too.

In line with his vision to raise funds for the noble order and help reduce the burden of levies on members, Sir Kt Bro Cobb said the administration intended to establish a brokerage entity with the aim of securing good deals for Brothers and Sisters “and make some earnings that will be secure in the name of the Order.”

He said the new administration shall further initiate steps to expand the noble order’s rubber plantation from the current 35 acres of land acquired to 100 acres. “Accordingly, a Management Committee shall be set up with professionals and interested Brothers with the appropriate expertise in agribusiness with specific terms to ensure the order makes a cash cow out of this investment,” he stated

To ensure the effective management of the noble order, Sir Kt Bro Cobb said his administration intended to deepen the use of information technology (IT) tools to facilitate the efficient management of the order at the Councils and Courts up to our highest levels.

‘Since as a modern society we dare not attempt to function without the effective use of ICT tools, we shall empower the IT team of the Supreme Council and Grand Court to work with their regional teams to ensure we are effectively computerised in the major and sensitive operations of the order within the next two years.

In line with deepening the spirituality of members of the society, he called for the reintroduction of the monthly spiritual reflections, led by the Chaplains.

“In line with same, we shall publicise monthly themes with the help of our chaplains to aid all Councils to start off this monthly exercise during Council meetings from January 2020. This 10 minutes’ exercise shall be led by our Chaplains. We encourage all knights to introduce daily night prayers with their families if this is not already being done and ensure it is part of the activities of the family as Catholics,” he said.

Sir Kt Bro Cobb said he intended to open some bonding among the Africa-based International Alliance of Catholic Knighthood Orders with a view to learning from one another and joining hands to meet the needs of society.

“We shall work in very close collaboration with our Bishops and their Conferences wherever we have a presence, ensuring our membership gives appropriate support to the Church hierarchy by playing a leadership role within the Laity as venerable partners of Church leadership and heed their guidance,” he stated.

With such collaborations, he said, Africa-based kindred shall become more engaged and have more common grounds of collaboration among the African Orders.

“We intend to have a closer and stronger relation with our Conferences of Bishops and in accordance with this, the Fraternal Relations team is charged to collaborate with State Grand Knights and the Supreme Secretary for the leadership of the Order to know the calendar and programmes of the Conferences so that we can ensure our membership are effectively collaborating in the name of the Order and individually with the Conferences,” he stated.

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