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Saint of the day: St. Mary Magdalene

Mary of Magdala was known to all as “The” Sinner”. Filled with deep sorrow because of her sinful life, she went to a dinner to which Jesus was invited. She washed His feet with her tears, wipe them with her hair, and poured rich perfume upon them.

Simon, who invited Jesus, was thinking, “if this man were a prophet He would know who this woman is”.

Jesus said to him, “I came into your house and you did not give Me water to wash My feet, but this woman washed My feet with her tears and wipeed them with her hair. Her many sins are forgiven because she has loved Me very much”.

Because Mary Magdalene was thankful, she followed Jesus everywhere and helped Him with His needs. She stood at the foot of the Cross with the Mother of Jesus. After His Resurrection, our Lord appeared to her and said, “Mary, and she answered,” My Master”!

Mary Magdalene spent the rest of her life doing penance for her sins. The skull and cross mean death and sacrifice.

Even a sinner has a place in God’s heart. Let us learn to ask for forgiveness and be sorry for the pain we cause others. Amen

St Mary Magdalene, pray for us. Happy feast day to all Mary and Magdalene.

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