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Saint of the day: St. Getulius & Campanions, Martyrs

Getulius was a native of Gabii in Sabina. He had a brother called Amantius. He was an officer in the Roman army who resigned when he became a Christian.

He retired to his estates near Tivoli. Caerealis was an imperial legate sent to arrest him but Getulius converted him to Christianity. Primitivus was another officer sent to arrest him, but he too was converted by the Saint.

According to his Passio, all four men were tied to a stake and set ablazed. However, the fire did not harm them, so they were brutally clubbed and then beheaded.

According to the Roman Martyrology, Getulius was killed on the Via Salaria and he is called the Father of the Seven Martyrs and the husband of Symphorosa. His companions are called Caerealis, Amantius, and Primitivus.

They were imprisoned, thrown into the flames but emerged unharmed, and then beaten to death with clubs.

The legend further states that Saint Symphorosa buried them in an arenarium on her estate.

Their seven sons are named specifically. Each of them suffered a different kind of martyrdom. Crescens was pierced through the throat, Julian through the breast, Nemesius through the heart, Primitivus was wounded at the navel, Justinus was pierced through the back, Stracteus was wounded at the side, and Eugenius was cleft in two parts from top to bottom.

St. Getulius and Companions, pray for us.


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Compiled by Elvira Kudiabor 

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