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Pope lauds SOMOS Community for humanitarian works

The Holy Father Francis has urged the SOMOS Community Care to keep up the good work it does for humanity.

He added that for years members of the New York SOMOS Community Care have dedicated themselves to health care of those living on the margins of society and in conditions of poverty and social unrest.

The pontiff was addressing participants of the Symposium promoted by the SOMOS Community Care Organisation of New York on the theme: “The immigrant family and its health needs”.

“Your organisation stands out for the emphatic and trusting approach that it manages to establish with the sick and their families, by sharing their lives and getting closer to their culture and language, in order to foster a human relationship. Your personal involvement with those you assist is commendable.” Said, Pope Francis.

This is an attitude to be encouraged in a society that tends to develop internally a marked individualism that combined with the utilitarian mentality, produces the globalisation of indifference.

He further added that on this path every person who does not fall within the canons of physical, mental and social well-being becomes at risk of marginalisation and exclusion.

Yours is a daily commitment aimed at countering the culture of waste that dominates in many social scenarios.

“You are the protagonists of global care of the person who provides, with generosity and altruism, an integrated service of doctors and social-health workers, who guarantee preventive medicine, treatment and rehabilitation services.” Said, Pope Francis

He added that this solidarity with the sick is a real treasure and it is a distinctive sign of authentic health care and assistance which put the person and his needs at the centre.

The pontiff further said health care is recognised as a universal human right and as an essential dimension of integral human development.

He said although not all medical interventions will translate into physical healing, health care provider with a human heart will always have the ability to do good for life, spirit and body.

SOMOS is a network of nearly 2,500 providers in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn who have come together to ensure better health care for Medicaid members.

Source: Augustus Aikins // Radio Angelus

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