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Pope Francis Never Endorsed Same Sex Marriage – Sunyani Bishop Clarifies

The Catholic Bishop of Sunyani Diocese, Most Reverend Mathew Kwasi Gyamfi has debunked the suggestion that Pope Francis has endorsed same-sex marriage.

He said the comments of the pope about the rights of homosexuals and same-sex civil union does not suggest any endorsement or promotion of lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI) activities.

According to him, although the Catholic Church respects the rights of homosexuals as human beings, it frowns on the act of homosexuality.

Speaking to Suncity news in Sunyani on Tuesday, Most Reverend Mathew Kwasi Gyamfi said, the Holy Priest sought to draw the world’s attention to the fact that, homosexuals are humans who belong to families just like any other person and must be shown love and compassion.

He said faceless gay activists are hiding behind Pope’s comments to create an impression that, the Leader of the Catholic Church is complicit.

Pope Francis is quoted as saying in the movie “Francesco”, which was premiered at Rome film festival, that gay people have the right to be in their families. They are children of God and that cannot be kicked out of their families, nor their lives made miserable.

Most Rev. Gyamfi maintained the Pope’s comments are not an endorsement of gay marriage, noting, Pope is not promoting a change to Catholic teachings.

“Pope Francis was trying to say we need to be very much aware of what it means for us to be in the family of humanity and be concerned about how imperfect all of us are” he clarified.

The former rector of St. James Seminary in Sunyani added his voice to the numerous calls on the government of Ghana to resist any attempt to legalize homosexuality in the country.


Source: Mark Abisah/Suncity 97.1-Sunyani.

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