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Opinion: If you cannot join the catholic fraternity, do not bedevil her


Acts 9: 3-5

From the onset or birth of the church, you have persecuted her. You have had no mercy on her. You have not taken your time to even read about your background and yet you persecute her. If only you had just taken a moment to read about your history, your past, as in the beginning of Christianity then you would not treat her as such.

The Pope is NOT the owner of the Catholic Church, God is. So whatever you do against the Church or the Pope, you do it against God Himself.

What kind of Christian are you? Which brand of Christian are you. Which branch of the vine do you spring from? Ask St Paul and he will tell you. You always preach Paul and yet you criticise what he helped to spread. Why do you not preach St. Peter as well as all the Apostles? You literally pick verses from the Bible and use it to suit you but ignore the truth in it. Oh yes! Do not think members of the church do not know or cannot speak.

We definitely can speak but just like our forebearers did, we too will speak or act only when it is necessary and right. For the good Book says, do not cast your pearl before the swine.

How can you claim God is your Father and Creator and yet insult and abuse His bride? How can you claim to be children of God but abuse his first born? If only you knew. You may not like to hear this yet the Catholic Church is the only church on earth that God, as in Christ Himself established.

Look, so many of the followers of Christ today, learn from the Catholic Church. Ask your pastor, even though he may pretend he does not know this. You follow blindly without asking, criticise without understanding, abuse for no reason. God have mercy on you.!

You call yourself anointed pastors daddy. Funny! But you abuse the the Shepherd which Jesus Himself established. I do not know what you intend to achieve by the evil deeds you have set yourself to do, but I want you to know that we know that you have always been editing old posting about the Pope and making it look current and saying all sorts of evil things about the Holy Catholic Church.

God forgive you. If you think God is blind, kudos to you. If you think you can do all these and when you die, you have a place in heaven, God richly bless you. When Jesus told the Apostles that whatever they bind on earth will be binded in heaven and whatever they loose on earth will be loosen in heaven, what did you understand by it?.

Take your time and read your Bible carefully and by yourself and stop taking the interpretation of your blind guides . Remember, even though the Catholic priest spends not less than seven (7) good years in the seminary, they still advise and encourage us to read the Bible ourselves.

This is the beginning of the self realisation of your infantile way in attacking the Catholic Church. The Church which builds schools for us to attend and builds hospitals to care for our health needs. The Church which prays for all of us and the country every single day during Mass is an enemy of yours! Hmmm.

Judgement day will be better than Bet or VGMA or any other highly patronised entertainment ever held in this world.

If you doubt me, check out STEVE RAY or SCOTT HAHN. These are people like you and did worse things than you are doing. Hahaha. Don’t ask your blind guide to spoon feed you about this one too. Read about them yourself and listen to their stories.

Remember, Jesus said, THE GATE OF HELL WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST HIS CHURCH so whatever evil you plan or even execute is in vain.

If you cannot join Catholic fraternity , leave her alone but do not be a coward and do evil things against God in the name of God. God bless!

Source: The Bergamo Princess 

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One thought on “Opinion: If you cannot join the catholic fraternity, do not bedevil her

  1. Patience

    It’s been a long time the church as been too quit about people raises false aligations against the church and nothing is said about it and they assume is true and it sadens our heart that the leaders of the church can’t come out to say anything.
    Thanks for ur information


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