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Opinion: COVID-19 protective gears are just placebos

COVID-19 doesn’t really care about how much you’re vested in protective clothing. If you ask me, the face masks, and all those protective gears are just placebos(A mental relief rather than its actual effect)

Here in China, Over 3000 health professionals got infected although they were in protective gears. Most of them recovered.

I know health workers stand at a greater risk treating patients in these hard times but it’s our call to serve humanity and this should be the time we exhibit that.
The best way to go through this period, is to boost your immunity with healthy foods and regular exercise.
Aside that, like everyone has been saying, frequent hand washing does the magic; and most importantly let’s avoid touching our orifices /faces.

The data of morbidity and mortality rate from this disease has proven that people with weakened immunity mostly die from the Covid-19
Meaning that your chances of recovering when you get infected with a strong immunity is absolutely certain.

To this end, it’s my hope that my colleague health professionals will confidently deliver their duties wholeheartedly without fear and panic or running away from patients.

I believe we can do this, God be with us all.


Source:  Anne- Marie Deku, a Catholic Ghanaian Medical student in China.

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