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Opinion: Adelaide speaks on Vanity

It all began when she wanted to change her two year old smartphone. Nothing is wrong with the phone. It’s working perfectly. She just feels like changing it to get the latest one which came the following year. She wants to ‘fit into society’. She’s always on social media, admiring what people have. It gets to a point where she even cries because she wants to be like others. In this Covid-19 era, she wants all the dresses, human hair, latest gadgets etc.

Whom do you want to impress? Why can’t we be content with what we have and save a little for the future? Covid-19 is drawing a lot of people to God while others are moving away from Him into the world of vanity. Material possessions. We sometimes want to have everything. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! We can’t have it all. The most disheartening thing is, people who have it all, keep giving to those who are wealthy and snob those who don’t have, even when they ask.
If God is using this pandemic to test our level of having material things, then most people have failed. Be content with what you have and share the little you can. It’s cliché but someone out there needs to hear this again. Everything is temporary.
We always want to be like someone. Do you know what that person is doing behind the scenes? Let’s stop envying what people have or what people look like because we don’t know what happens behind closed doors. Most people won’t tell you the truth about what they go through before getting to where they are now.

Also, don’t let anyone put your spirit down by talking about your looks. Whether you’re fat or slim, tall or short, beard or beard less. When the Lord gets ready, you have to move.
Be grateful for how you look. We follow what we see on social media and when something different happens to us, we say God doesn’t like us. Exercise to keep fit. If you know you can’t reach a limit, don’t force yourself. People are killing themselves slowly because they want to look like others. If it’s not working for you, why are you forcing yourself? Appreciate your looks.

And to those who have been talking about how people look, think about their mental health before you criticize. You don’t know what they go through before you add your “dirty talks” to their problems. Let them be. Some of these things have been said so many times but you need to hear them again. Covid-19 is letting people do silly stuff. From stigmatizing, to criticising, to owning unnecessary things.
Let’s be guided. Ask the Holy Spirit for directions before you say or do something. I know some people will say that you don’t have to involve the Holy Spirit in everything you do. It is very important to involve the Holy Spirit in your every day life so that you don’t go astray from where God wants you to be.

I happen to participate in the ongoing Pentecost Novena in my church online. For those who don’t know, the Pentecost Novena happens every once in a year in preparation for the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday. The Novena is for nine days only. I’ll leave the link below so that you can watch the playback of every session. On the 5th day of the Novena, the speaker, Rev. Fr. Silas Sapaty encouraged us to ask the Holy Spirit for directions in everything. Be it the dresses we want to wear or getting missing in town. Ask the Holy Spirit for directions.
I also watched a live session on Lady Pastor Kukua Asihene’s Instagram page where her husband used a bird analogy with reference to loving or keeping the Holy Spirit close to you. Here’s the bird analogy;

Imagine a bird was put on your shoulder and you’re to keep it for 3 days without letting it move, in order to get a million pounds, what will you do?

Some interesting answers were given. So in this case, imagine the bird is the Holy Spirit. In order to make it stay, you’d make it love you more so it doesn’t fly away. You might as well give it food. So in order to let the Holy Spirit remain in you, feed it with the Word. Ask Him for guidance. Involve Him in every single area of your life.

Let’s stop being eager to have things that won’t last forever. Let’s stop worrying ourselves over things that’ll pass within a second.

Let me leave you with this thought provoking question. Imagine being so aggressive to buy something that is trending. Everyone has it so you also hurry to get it and the world ends in the next minute. Will you take it along with you?

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