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One case of covid-19 untraced is many enough, Archbishop Kwofie cautions students

Be Extra careful in observing COVID-19 protocols Archbishop Kwofie tells Staff of schools and Students.

Most Rev. John Bonaventure Kwofie, Episcopal Bishop in charge of education and Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra has called on students and staff of schools in Ghana to be extra careful and diligent in observing COVID-19 safety protocols.

He indicated that it has become necessary for extra care because “One case of covid-19 untraced is many enough.”
He advised student’s to put on their masks at all times and observe social distancing when interacting with friends.

“People are worried that you’ve gone back to school at the same time concerns

have been raised that your future is important. You have to go back to school to prepare for your examinations. Do your preparation in safety” he added.

He charged staff of schools to provide the necessary guidance and correction to students by “giving them signs of wisdom.”

Source: Radio Angelus// Jennifer Doe

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