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A Ghc46,000 water project has been commissioned in Nyapienya, a suburb of Asutsuare in the Greater Accra region of Ghana.

The project was completed and inaugurated on Saturday, 10th July 2021, at a ceremony attended by Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell, SVD, Rev. Fr. Francis Marstan, SVD, Mr. Zigah, and his cohorts from the Consolidated Bank of Ghana (CBG) CBG. Present at the inauguration were also elders of the Nyapienya community, parishioners of the St. John Mary Vianney Parish, and the indigenes of the Nyapienya community.

This community has barely tasted good drinking water for a very time. They shared muddy water from a pond with their livestock. The only attempt at giving them good water was the digging of a handpump borehole. Though the water was intolerably hard the people relied on it until it got spoilt.

Their struggle continued until October 2020 when Rev. Fr. Francis Marstan, SVD, was transferred to the St. John Mary Vianney Parish, Asutsuare. On his visit to the Catholic community of Nyapienya, he caught sight of the plight of the people when he was offered water in one of the homes he visited. He was moved and felt something must be done.

He began writing to seek help to undertake a water project for them, one of which was Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell, SVD, the then Parish Priest of Christ the King Parish, Cantonment, Accra, and his parish, who provided about Ghc25,200 to support the project. The money received was used to repair the spoilt handpump and then digging of a mechanized borehole.

The Consolidated Bank of Ghana (CBG) supported the project with Ghs 11, 500.00, who were touched when they were approached to support. Some friends and benefactors of Fr. Martstan also supported the project.

The people of Nyapienya expressed their gratitude to Fr. Campbell the CBG through gifts and citations of honour.

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