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Miracle of pain

You will need to empower someone to understand and to prepare for the inevitable. You can teach someone how best to contain injuries and face possible losses. You might have no other resounding means of doing it than using your own debris and ashes as teaching aids. We help each other through tough times, and we always have
each other to mirror.

Those who have wounds best understand the groans of the wounded. Sincerely speaking, we have all been wounded at a point in time. What has broken you might help shape someone somewhere. What has shattered you to pieces can stitch someone’s pieces of ill luck into a beautiful collage or mosaic.

Every loss or pain is virtually a lesson. Once your storms are over, others will count themselves among the next in the line to be redeemed.

God surely employs this kind of divine paradox to pull us through our own sufferings. It is the miracle of pain! Healing is coming even when the worst happens. I respectfully invite you to the launch of this book!

Yours truly,

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