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Let’s not tempt God – Archbishop Kwofie cautions Christians

In the face of the global pandemic; coronavirus, many have held on to their faith in God but not without reason.

Most Rev. John Bonaventure Kwofie has advised that these times require putting faith and reason together to sail through COVID-19 and has thrown caution to Christian’s not to tempt God.

In an interview on Conversation with Augustus, the Archbishop said, “Let no one tempt God that I have faith to move mountains so coronavirus will not get me because of my faith, it doesn’t happen like that.”

He added that this is the time to be each other’s keeper as the Bible admonishes, because during this time “each one owes a big responsibility not only for themselves but the other person so if I’m supposed to put on a nose mask, it’s not only for myself but for the other person.”


Source: radioangelus.com

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