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Let us not take advantage of the needy and suffering- Archbishop Kwofie cautions traders

Most Rev John Bonaventure Kwofie, Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, has thrown words of caution against traders who take undue of the coronavirus pandemic to exploit the suffering populace to refrain from such ungodly act.

Archbishop Kwofie, in his pastoral letter to the lay faithful, explains that, the fear caused by the pandemic has also caused traders to unimaginably increase prices of goods and services to suit their interest at the peril of the suffering populace.

“Market women and shop keepers say to themselves, ‘it is our time to make more money on the suffering masses’. This is not Christian, let us not take advantage of the needy and suffering”, he cautioned.

He further emphasized that “we cannot sincerely fast when we continue to exploit our neighbours, quarrel, and fight, engage in violent acts and cause pain to others. A sincere fast, on the other hand, is to break down any system that enslaves and oppresses; it is to ensure that the hungry are fed, the homeless are housed and the naked are clothed”.

On his part, the moment calls for a sober reflection and, an opportunity to seek the face of God amidst the crisis.
Catholics in the country are also expected to fully observe the Lenten season and engage in all spiritual activities that accompany the season.


Source: radioangelus.com

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