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Juapong St. Francis of Assisi outdoors maiden homecoming celebration

The Youth of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Juapong has launched their maiden homecoming celebration.
The event which is the first of it’s kind in the Parish is aimed at bringing parishioners both home and away together to fraternise and deliberate on issues that will promote the development of the Parish.

The three days program will also be used as a means to raise funds to support the Church with some development projects and also honour some individuals whose hard work has brought the Church this far.

On Friday December 27, Parishioners are expected to arrive at the parish for Benediction, after which there will be a bonfire and borborbor night.

On Saturday December 28, there will be a health walk and some clean up exercises. In the afternoon from 1pm to 5pm will be used for games which will be on home and away bases.

From 6pm to 7pm there will be a memorial Mass for all departed members of the church, after the memorial Mass is Time with the Parish Priest, where the Diaspora Youth Association shall be formed.

Sunday December 29th which marks the feast of Holy Family, there will be Thanksgiving, awards of legends and Fundraising during Mass after which there will be a Homecoming Feast to climax the Celebration.

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