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How useful are you to God as President of a nation, Archbishop Buckle quizzes 


Most Rev Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle, Metropolitan Archbishop of Cape Coast in his homily on the occasion of Palm Sunday has charged Christians and the wider community to discharge their duties truthfully in whatever capacity they act.

He quizzed individuals and authorities working in various regards on their usefulness to God in a space where the global community battles a common enemy.

“Ask yourself, does the Lord have need of me, are you useful to the Lord our God in whatever capacity you’re as a wife, as a husband, as a child of the family, civil servant, as a public servant as president of the nation, as MCE, name it.”

” Are you someone who is useful to the Lord like the donkey was needed by Jesus to accomplish the will of God the Father”, he probed.

Additionally, the Prelate encouraged Christians to worship God truthfully as Jesus decisively offered himself as the ultimate worship for God truthfully despite the difficulties.

“Jesus knew what was going to happen and yet, he sets his face resolutely on the way to Jerusalem. Where he was going to offer the greatest worship of his father in spirit and in truth”, he added.

The prelate further called on the Ghanaian community to tap into available resources given by God and make the most out of it.


Source: Radioangelus.com

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