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How the Rosary helped me to discern vocation

The Holy Rosary has transform my life massively ,life was a challenge for me as to how to decide on my vocation to become a Religious  Brother , a priest or to choose a marriage life.  I took it upon me to recite the holy rosary to ask the blessed virgin Mary to help me make that decision during the months of Rosary that was 1st October 2013 .

I wrote my intentions about five of them to the Blessed Virgin Mary that through this holy rosary she should assist me together with his Son Jesus Christ to bring all my intentions to fulfilment.

As am writing to you now this Noble woman( Virgin Mary) full of compassion has done all for me and she never excluded one from the list I presented to her.

I am currently studying at Tangaza university College ( Catholic university Of Eastern Africa) Reading Degree in spirituality and Religious formation, From the congregation of Brothers of St John Of God.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ all what am trying to tell you is not to joke with this weapon called Rosary as we the Catholics . That is a great Weapon that God has given to us Through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

My Brothers and sisters if the Non Catholics are using the Rosary in their cars , Hanging it their rooms,Putting it on whiles playing football , some pastors even use it to perform miracles, etc . How much more about we the Catholics which is our faith.

My Brothers and Sisters no Matter what you are going through just leave it to this Noble Queen (Blessed virgin Mary) in this month of Holy Rosary and She will intercede for you through his Son Jesus Christ. May Mary mother and Queen of the most Holy Rosary continue to intercede for us Amen.

Source: Bro Anthony Mary Baba ATIMKPERE OH

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