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How the Rosary healed me of Asthma: Adelaide’s miracle story

During my infancy, I was diagnosed with asthma some time after I was born. The doctor prescribed some drugs for me and the asthma inhaler was given to my mum to administer it anytime I had an attack.

According to my mum, she told the doctor; “I’m not taking it because my faith tells me that, my daughter doesn’t have asthma”. She left the doctor’s office with me and headed home. She put me to sleep and did some house chores.

After a while, she heard a loud cry. She rushed to the hall wondering what could be happening to me. She placed her hand on my body and realised that, my right leg was fragile. She felt no bone. Just flesh. Coming from a staunch Catholic family, she placed her rosary in a bowl of water, prayed over it and sprinkled it on my body especially my right leg. Suddenly, I stopped crying and slept again.

She left me to see to her chores. Shortly after, she heard the loud cry again. She touched my leg and realised that, the bone was intact as if nothing happened and noticed that I was breathing normal. She had a broad smile on her face and raised her hand in thanksgiving.

Today, hear I am breathing without any complications and walking without any surgery done. What more can I ask for?

We are in the rosary month. If you haven’t prayed the rosary before, please do so this month. If my miracle was in just 1 day and you have 31 days to pray the rosary, then you have 31 miracles waiting for you.

Don’t feel shy to pray the rosary wherever you find yourself. I just finished praying mine in a public transport, popularly known as “trotro”.

I’ll be waiting to hear your testimony . If you have one, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it for others to be encouraged.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mystical Rose, intercede for us today, tomorrow and forever, Amen.

Source: Adelaide Octavian

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