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Ho Diocese directs parishes and outstations to remain closed to in-person service

Following the official statement from the Bishops’ Conference, the Catholic Diocese of Ho in a recent communique has directed that, all Parishes and outstations within the Diocese remain closed to in-person service until further notice.

The directive is in consonance with a unanimous decision taken at the Diocese’s just ended Emergency Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting held at the Bishop Konnings Centre in Ho.

“Parishes and Out stations in the Ho Diocese will remain closed to the celebration of Public Masses untill further notice”, Authorities directed.

A further call has been made to the faithful within the Diocese to wait on authorities for additional directives.

The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference on Thursday, June 4, 2020, issued an official statement saying “the issue of whether Catholics should resume public Masses or not, we wish to leave that decision to the discretion of the Archbishops and Bishops and on condition that Parishes will be able to fulfill the directives outlined by the appropriate authorities in the country”.

However, the various Dioceses and Archdioceses in the country have been given a clearcut guideline on how to conduct in-person mass if the need arises.


Source: Radio Angelus

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